Friday, June 14, 2013


Nulli - Keeping IAM Simple Stupid - ForgeRock Open Identity Summit

Nulli showcased our views on IM KISS - "Keep IAM Simple Stupid" demo at the ForgeRock Open Identity Summit.   Presenting identity management in a visible and open format with nothing to hide is a key principle of the open community that Nulli and ForgeRock support.   The demo highlighted a rapidly deployed suite of the ForgeRock Open Identity Stack running on 4 Raspberry Pi computers.   So for a few hundreds of dollars Nulli was able to demonstrate the use of OATH2 credentials from Google, Amazon and Facebook for accessing protected apps, provision accounts using the OpenIDM workflow engine and providing directory failover using OpenDJ.   All of this neatly packaged in a picture frame illustrating the process flow and server interaction.
ForgeRock Open Identity Stack running on Raspberry Pi

Truly lightweight, elegant and effective.   Want to learn more about our POC showcased in the IAM world?   Give me a shout at  

Many thanks to Ludo Poitou for the encouragement and congratulations to Rob who made it all happen.

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