Friday, May 27, 2011


Good ol' Oblix schema alive and well in OAM11g

While preparing to install OAM 11g, some of us were curious whether all the "ob..." attributes would remain intact or if they would be renamed with, for instance, an "orcl..." prefix. It struck one of my colleagues that the "ob" attributes would survive, if only to facilitate a workable upgrade path or to ease product development.

Whatever the case, it turns out that the attributes we've all known since the days of NetPoint and COREid have endured and can be found in OAM 11g after all.

During the LDAP pre-configuration step - one of the many, many steps required to get OAM installed - an script is run, which performs the following:
The LDIFs used to load the schema into OID contain all the old Oblix attribute names, and in my environment they are found in [MW_HOME]/Oracle_IDM[x]/oam/server/oim-intg/schema.
This is great, because it should mean that we can count on using familiar attributes like obuseraccountcontrol and obusersessiontimeout.

Some things just don't least not for another 6 months or so...

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