Thursday, November 11, 2010


transfilter.dll disappears and won't load

I just had the most frustrating experience. I am in the midst of upgrading OAM 7.x to I had all the components upgraded to so I got backups taken. Afterwards one of the webpass instances did not work. Upon further inspection transfilter.dll was actually removed form the file system. Strange, but no problem, i grabbed a copy from another webpass.

The transfilter.dll still didn't get loaded by IIS and it still did not work. I ended up trying numerour different things. I added and re-added transfilter.dll to the Default Web Site multiple times. I uninstalled and re-upgrade; still go the same behaviour. I uninstalled webpass alltogether (purged registry, etc) and installed instead of upgrading an old one; still got the same behaviour.

I had given up home when i decided to try adding transfilter.dll at "Web Sites" instead of "Default Web Site". Low and behold it took and loaded. Then I tried moving it back to "Default Web Site" and it worked there too. I was back! Frustrated, but back.

I have no idea what caused transfilter.dll to disappear in the first place. I have no idea why it would not load in IIS after it was replaced. I have no idea why moving it in IIS fixed the problem. I am thankful though and if this strange occurence ever recurs I will have a strategy.

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This may not the the answer - but, I used MetaEdit from the IIS Resource Kit to thoroughly clean out the MetaBase during re-install. It was always amazing to see how much oblix stuff was strewn around on an IIS instance that had been around for awhile.
I have seen in the past that the transfilter.dll will end up being removed if you happen to patch while IIS is still running. This happens for webgate.dll as well.

Not sure if this occurred, but just another possible answer.
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