Tuesday, August 19, 2008


IdXml Change Attribute WF Does Not Run

You create a change attribute workflow. Call it as a portal insert and it works. By work i mean updates the user's entry in the underlying directory when you change the value and click the save button in the OAM UI.

Having demonstrated successful configuration, your real objective is to invoke this through IdXml. So you create the IdXml and test it out. It seems to work, however, the attribute in the underlying directory is not changed.

It turns out if you cannot read the attribute you cannot request it to be changed via IdXml. However, it works if you request the change attribute using a portal insert instead. Sure enough if you test it with a canIRequestUserAttrModification request it will return Denied if you do not have read access.

This is an odd problem. And I am not going to dump any more time into it. But if you change the attribute so that the participant has read access on the attribute everything works as expected.

My specific situation involved a change attribute workflow where the participant was self.

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Slightly tangential, but maybe related.

Using version an Active Directory as the LDAP provider, there is no way to unsubscribe a user from a group. Using either the web front end, or IDXML will result in the system claiming that the user was unsubscribed which is not in fact the case.

Given that AD is a supported platform, I would have expected that Oracle had done at least a minimal regression test on it before sending out a patch, but that is apparently to much effort (yes, I am bitter). The issue has been reported and accepted as a bug by Oracle.
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