Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Global Database Name in Linux OAM and DB (OCI) environment for DB auditing

When adding Database Instances with OCI DB connection type, which is the only option for *nix based OAM installs, we have to specify the Global Database Name (GDN) for the database. Ever wondered what should the correct format for GDN be?

During a deployment, I faced this question, and after some trial and error and reading Oracle Instant Client documentation, I figured it out:

<DB Host>:<DB Port>/<ORACLE_SID>

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This is not to be confused with the global_name for a database which is viewed by "select * from global_name;"

Just another way that Oracle continues to demonstrate that there are only about 15 words in their vocabulary, so they redefine them to mean multiple things often :).
A couple of bits that aren't brutally clear enough (at least for me!) in the manuals for is that you need the TNS_ADMIN variable pointing at a directory that contains a tnsnames.ora file and that the GDN only needs to be what you named the service in the tnsnames.ora. BTW, tnsnames.ora should be readable by whatever user your OAM servers are running under.

I beat my head against this wall for about 7 hours today.
works on windows to an oracle database without installing any separate oracle client libraries.

- must be installed.
- set TNS_ADMIN (i.e. c:\oam)
- have tnsnames.ora file with audit DB entry in %TNS_ADMIN% folder
- create audit DB profile
- use service name in tnsnames.ora for DB profile set up on linux using OCI

- must be installed
- update globalparams.xml SQLDBType parm to Oracle_OCI
- create tnsnames.ora
- set TNS_ADMIN in start_ois_server
- create audit DB profile
- if service name does not work use teh ORACLE_SID (beware of case sensitivity)
If the SID (i.e. SIDNAME) and the Net Service name (i.e. SIDNAME.WORLD or something like that) are different, then USE the Net Service name in the DB Profile.
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