Thursday, October 19, 2006


WebGate Cannot Initialize

A web server with a WebGate installed on it suddenly does not serve pages and generates 500 errors. There have been no changes to the server or the web server configuration. Upon further investigation the Oracle Access Manager (formerly COREid) oblog.log of the WebGate generates a line in the WebGate initialization indicating that it is failing.

This indicates that WebGate cannot create a TLS connection to the Access Server so it cannot initialize so it leaves the web server in an unusable state. The likely cause of this is that the certificates on the WebGate have expired.

The certificate expiration dates can be checked by reading this.

The certificates can be regenerated by reading this.

I got the same error with one of the application that uses Oblix and this post really helped me resolve the issue.

I just had to reconfigure the webgate to generate a new cert which did the magic.
Hello ... I am getting this erro.. however my components are installed in Open mode.. any suggestions...
Yet again Nulli save's my butt! Thank you so much for posting this!
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