Sunday, April 16, 2006


Simple Mode Cert Regeneration (Identity)

When simple mode certificates are going to expire, they need to be regenerated so the component(s) that have the old certificates may still communicate with other COREid components. The method for regenerating certificates varies between the COREid Access and Identity Systems. The Identity Server and WebPass (and Access Manager too) have a utility called gencert. The gencert utility is located in:


to use the tool to regenerate certificates, execute gencert as follows:

gencert.exe "c:\Program Files\COREid\identity"
gencert.exe "c:\Program Files\COREid\WebComponent\identity"

Restart the COREid component to get it to bind to TCP/IP port with the new certificate.

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I think that it is "AND" not "OR" as when we updated the certificates at the identity server only the web pass still couldn't connect to the identity server as it had the expired certificates so we copied the certificated generated at the identity server to the web pass and it worked
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