Wednesday, March 22, 2006


ADAM Changing Page (Search) Limit

Ever wanted to reduce or increase the AD/AM search limit (page size)? For instance you are doing a COREid upgrade and part way through the directory update portion it fails with a directory error. It was not able to extract all of the COREid meta data because the search limit was exceeded. The solution is to ramp up the page size in AD/AM even if it is just for the upgrade.

dsmgmt: LDAP Policies

ldap policy: connections

server connections: server connections: set creds [domain] [user] *

Please enter password for [domain]\[user]: ********
server connections: connect to server localhost:389
Binding to localhost:389 as [domain]\[user]...
Connected to localhost:389 as [domain]\[user].
server connections: quit
ldap policy: show values

Policy Current(New)

MaxPoolThreads 4
MaxDatagramRecv 4096
MaxReceiveBuffer 10485760
InitRecvTimeout 120
MaxConnections 5000
MaxConnIdleTime 900
MaxPageSize 1000
MaxQueryDuration 120
MaxTempTableSize 10000
MaxResultSetSize 262144
MaxNotificationPerConn 5
MaxValRange 0

ldap policy: set maxpagesize to 3000
ldap policy: commit changes
ldap policy:

This is very helpful.. Thank you!
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